Loco & Noco

Loco & Noco are Vev's resident sock puppet superstars. Born from a single pair of socks, this cotton couple has made it their sole purpose to educate new users on the world of Vev.

Toy, Organism, Headgear

About Loco

Loco originates from the name Low-Code meaning a software development approach that enables the delivery of applications faster and with minimal hand-coding.

Growing up in Norway, she is inspired by the colors of summer. You’ll often find her wearing a hat to shade her sensitive Scandinavian eyes. From time to time you will find her eyes drifting upwards, as her mind wanders off pondering about the greater questions in life – to embed or not to embed.

Loco is a self-taught designer and professional dungeons and dragons character name creator.

Mode of transport, Motor vehicle, Automotive lighting, White, Vertebrate, Hood, Grille, Light, Bumper

About Noco

No-Code aka Noco is a Vev sock puppet living in Norway.  When she’s not educating people about Vev, you’ll likely find her eating snacks, cruising around on her moped, or taking her boat out onto the Oslofjord on sunny, summer days.

Noco graduated from the prestigious Sockford University where she majored in Panpsychism; the idea that inanimate objects have consciousness.

In a parallel universe, Noco is a detective specializing in finding missing socks and reuniting them with their lonely sock pairs.

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